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You may have questions about taking part in a Fresh Adventures journey and cannot find the answer elsewhere on our website. These questions may be of a technical nature, or they may simply be some concerns that you have about booking a journey with Fresh Adventures that you need answered to put your mind at ease. If you still do not find the answer here, then please email our team and someone will provide an answer for you.


How many people fit in each raft?

We can seat up to nine people, plus the guide, in our larger rafts. We also have smaller rafts which seat up to six, plus the guide.

Do you raft in the colder months?

Yes, we do, although we only run our shorter journeys. Our Raft the Hawea Journey (INSRT LINK) near Wanaka, is the perfect colder weather trip as you are only on the river for a maximum of 1.5 hours.


What gear does Fresh Adventures supply?

We supply helmets, lifejackets, waterproof pants, and jackets, plus neoprene gloves and booties. For the overnight  or multi-day trips we will also send you a comprehensive gear list to suit the journey you have chosen.


Do you cater for people with dietary requirements?

Certainly - just let us know prior to the journey, so we are prepared.


How do I book a trip?

Via our website; or through email on, or give us a call on 027 4455389.


What are your trip booking/cancellation terms? 


What training/qualifications do Fresh Adventures’ raft guides have?

Fresh Adventures employs guides who have been assessed and registered with the New Zealand Rafting Association. Our main guides have extensive international guiding experience, plus many New Zealand seasons under their belt. Our guides also carry out regular on-river skills exercises, including swift water rescue training.

How does rapid grading work?

The following classification is based on the international white water rafting rapid grading system. River rapid grades are approximate rather than definitive measures of a rapid’s seriousness or difficulty.


Grade 2 Rapids have regular medium sized waves (less than 1 metre), low ledges or drops, easy eddies and gradual bends. The passage is easy to recognise and is generally unobstructed although there may be rocks in the main current, overhanging branches, or log jams.

The following Fresh Adventures journeys are primarily in this grade:

Raft the Hawea

South Coast Adventure

Mountains to Sea

Ahuriri Getaway


Grade 3 Rapids with fairly high waves (1-2 metres), broken water, stoppers and strong eddies, exposed rocks, and small falls. The passage may be difficult to recognise from the river and manoeuvring to negotiate the rapid is required.


Grade 4 Difficult rapids with high, powerful, irregular waves, broken water, often boiling eddies, strong stoppers, ledges, drops and dangerous exposed rocks. The passage is often difficult to recognise and precise and sequential manoeuvering is required.


Grade 5 Very powerful rapids with confused and broken water, large drops, violent and fast currents, abrupt turns, difficult powerful stoppers, and fast boiling eddies; with numerous obstacles in the main current. Complex, precise, and powerful sequential manoeuvring is required. A definite risk to personal safety exists.

• The Fresh Adventures’ Landsborough journey has rapids that fit within Grade 3 to 5 classification.

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