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Alongside Fresh Adventures, Bob runs his own business providing training programmes, plus coaching for multisport and adventure racing athletes and specialising in multisport kayak tuition.

The kind of practical man you’d be happy to be stranded on a deserted island with, Bob is a qualified guide in rafting, pack rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, and hiking. He also holds advanced first aid qualifications.

Bob is a firm favourite with clients. An experienced and intuitive guide, he is passionate about guiding wilderness adventures that leave a lasting impression. He loves nothing more than helping clients escape their daily, stressful routines – down their mobile phones – and share good-for-the-soul outdoors experiences with their friends, family or colleagues. 




Paul’s inspirational energy shines through every Fresh Adventures’ experience, whether he’s guiding in person, or ensuring everything is ship-shape behind the scenes. 


Paul has forged a presence with corporate teams seeking impactful, imaginative courses and with individuals and their families for whom real adventure is about full-hearted participation.

In addition to his vast experience, Paul is qualified through New Zealand Mountain Guides Association for Alpine Trekking and Ski Mountaineering, New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association for Bush, Alpine and Rock disciplines, and New Zealand Raft Guides Association for rafting. To this, he adds over 12 years of extensive training and certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

For Paul, the challenges and rewards of adventure provide peerless metaphors for life, in which every individual deserves to give their best shot.

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